Are You Afraid for the Future? 
New Montreal Speaker series showcaseS ACTIONABLE ideas for human survival and evolution

A new speaker series is being launched in Montreal to reflect the urgency of human survival and new breakthroughs in personal transformation 


Called WildX, Wild ideas for Wild times, the series is focussing on mass reforestation and rewilding as an immediate strategy to combat Climate Change. WildX also features breakthrough talks on sexuality, dreaming and hypnosis. 


“People desperately want to know what they can do,” said WildX co-organizer, filmmaker Albert Nerenberg who just directed a documentary about the Climate Crisis for CBC Documentary Channel. “WildX will spell out some very concrete steps everyone can take to fight the Climate Crisis now. It also has some surprising talks on a range of issues." 


The event is being organized by a group of researchers, journalists, scientists and volunteers who believe now is the time to step up. 


“The science is showing that time is running out for humanity as we know it,” said Speaker Sarah Knight. “At the very minimum we need to talk about this openly. That is the first step to moving forward."

"We believe a lot of ideas have not yet been tried or even discussed so we need WildX," said co-organizer Joey Kasz. "Leaving it to the politicians hasn't worked. We're taking it to the people." 

One of the declared priorities of WildX is mass reforestation which studies show both captures carbon and potentially stabilizes weather.

“Trees are the best carbon capture devices going and as a side effect they cool the Earth, create habitat for animals and produce oxygen. Why isn’t there a massive effort to reforest Canada and the world, especially with what is happening in Brazil, Africa and the Arctic?" said Nerenberg. 


Along with talks on reforestation and Climate Change, WildX will feature talks from Canada’s best known sound healer, Darren Austin Hall and internet sensation performance Artist, Matthew Silver. Extinction Rebellion's Action Coordinator Francois Leger Boyer is speaking.  As well, Sarah Knight speaks on trying to understand why people are sleepwalking to disaster. There will also be talks on sexuality by Montrealer Emilie Guimond-Bélanger and talks on hypnosis featuring Montreal hypnotist Dominique LaRoche and Albert Nerenberg. 

"We've made it very affordable," said Kasz. "Speakers series tend to be very pricey. We want this to be accessible because it's about issues that affect everyone."


“This will not be boring,” said Nerenberg. “Every talk has something that will surprise and amaze.”



October 5th, 10 am to 6 pm DB Clarke Theatre at Concordia University, Hall Building, Downtown Montreal 


$40 and $20 for Seniors and Students