WildX Conference Votes for a Trillion Trees

 Let Wildflowers Bloom. Save the World Degree

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A Trillion Trees. Wildflowers. Save the World

Participants at first ever WildX conference voted unanimously for 3 Ambitious Common Sense Proposals to fight the current Climate Crisis:

Canadian National Reforestation Strategy

1) To recommend the creation of a National Canadian Reforestation strategy as part of a campaign to plant a Trillion trees worldwide, done with acknowledgement and guidance from indigenous leadership
Recent studies show planting a trillion trees could impede global warming and increase habitat to support life. Canada is around 6 per cent of the world’s land mass and could contribute in a major way. 

Let Wildflowers Bloom

2) Let Wildflowers bloom.
Both birds and bees in North America are in crisis and they could be supported by individuals planting wildflowers which support pollinators.
All participants WildX received a bag of wildflowers seeds that can be planted now or in the spring. 

A Degree in Saving the World

3) A Save the World Degree. Wouldn’t it be forward thinking on part of the Universities to have Save the World degrees. a degree program which combines the disciplines likely needed to help save the world from ecological break down? The conference voted on recommending Universities explore degree programs around creating climate harmony.

WildX was held at DB Clarke Theatre at Concordia University and featured stand out talks from Mohawk visionary Ellen Gabriel, Oceanographer and Reiki Master Sarah Knight on Eco-Anxiety and Darren Austin Hall, Joelle Parent, Matthew Silver, Albert Nerenberg, Francois Leger Boyer, Amanda MacDonald, Chad Charles among others. 

The Trillion Trees Study:






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